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Bonus Features: ‘Uncharted’ Blu-ray reveals treasure trove of extras

After years of rumors, theories and hopes, “Uncharted” finally swung into theaters earlier this year, bringing the swashbuckling action of the iconic video game to life on the big screen. Now, that same adventure is making its way home, as “Uncharted” releases on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital on May 10.

Embodying a character as revered as Playstation fans hold Nathan Drake is no easy task, but Tom Holland steps in as a younger version of the treasure hunter for this prequel story and does Drake justice. Set before the stories of first video game entry, the”Uncharted” film introduces us to Drake and shows audiences how he got his start in the treasure hunting business – from losing his brother (Rudy Pankow) to meeting his partner in crime, Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg).

“Uncharted” translates the action, adventure and swagger of the games to film better than expected. It’s part “National Treasure,” part “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and a whole lot of fun as Holland and Co. traverse the world on their wild adventures. Holland and Wahlberg have solid banter and chemistry, channeling the characters fans know well — even if this is an earlier version of them. It feels very true to the games, from the cold open to the questionable physics and stunts, but that’s exactly what I wanted from it. It knows it’s silly and it leans into it, which makes it even more fun. For a more in-depth review of the film itself, check out our podcast below!

When it comes to bonus features, the “Uncharted” Blu-ray comes with quite a bit of extra content to explore. Eight deleted or extended scenes shed light on a handful of sequences by adding some extra context, while the featurettes diving into the film’s big action sequences reveal the magic behind blending practical effects and VFX.

Let’s take a look at everything the home release has to offer.

Special Features on Blu-ray and Digital

  • Deleted and Extended Scenes – Deleted, extended and alternate scenes show new looks at “Uncharted,” including a new introduction between Nate and Sully at the bar.
  • Becoming Nathan Drake – It’s not easy living up to the reputation of one of the most iconic modern video game characters, and as an “Uncharted” player himself, Tom Holland knows it. This featurette explores how Sony, Naughty Dog and the filmmakers brought the character to life in a way that was authentic and new at the same time.
  • Big Action Breakdown: C-17 Globemaster – The cold open is iconic to anyone who has played the games, and this featurette explores the creation of the cargo plane fight and the intricacies of its stunt blocking.
  • Charting the Course: On Set with Ruben Fleischer – Go behind the scenes with director Ruben Fleischer and the film’s cast as they break down the creative process.
  • Never a Dull Moment: Stunts & Action – In the day and age of movie magic, take a look at the practical stunts Holland and Co. executed on real-life sets.
  • The Buddy System – Holland and Wahlberg bring a new style to Nate and Sully’s relationship, and this featurette explores the characters’ and actors’ real-life relationship.
  • Villains, Backstabbers & Accomplices – In the world of thieves, trust no one. This extra dives into the antagonist structure and the film’s twists and turns.
  • Commentary with Director Ruben Fleischer

“Uncharted” releases May 10, 2022 on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital.

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