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Bonus Features: ‘Last Night In Soho’ dives into the film’s psychology with plenty of extras

Edgar Wright’s psychological thriller “Last Night In Soho” hit theaters back in October, where it kept audiences guessing with its endless twists and turns. Starring Anya-Taylor Joy and Thomasin McKenzie, the stylish film earned high praise from critics and fans alike.

Now, it’s bringing all of its neon lights, bright colors, and moody nighttime scares home on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and Digital, and the film looks and sounds amazing on its home release. The home video and audio quality may not transform the film into anything new, it beautifully enhances what was first seen in the theater. The clarity and vividness of the visuals are improved here, which goes a long way considering all of the neon lights and flashy wardrobes of the film.

Along with the technical enhancements, “Last Night In Soho” releases with a laundry list of bonus features, from deleted scenes to in-depth featurettes exploring the film’s biggest twists.

Let’s take a look!

Special Features on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and Digital

  • Making of Featurettes
    • Meet Eloise – An in-depth look at the character of Eloise and the challenges that star Thomasin McKenzie faced while bringing her to life.
    • Dreaming of Sandie – A closer look at the characters of Sandie and Jack and why Anya Taylor-Joy and Matt Smith were the perfect actors to embody the essence of the time period.
    • Smoke and Mirrors – The cast and crew break down how lighting, makeup, special effects, and creative camerawork came together to create a collision between the present day and 1960’s time periods.
    • On the Streets of Soho – The cast and crew discuss the importance of shooting on location in Soho and the complexity of transforming the city streets back in time.
    • Time Traveling – A look into how the music, costume design and production design of the film work together to immerse the audience into the world of 1960’s Soho.
  • Deleted Scenes
    • Ellie Gets Conned
    • Hidden Nightmares
    • The Bridge
    • Alleys and Shadows
    • You Know Where to Find Me
    • Extended Chase
  • Animatics – Get an early look at the formation of the film with storyboard artwork and voiceovers combined to create animated sequences.
    • First Dream
    • Shadow Men
    • Murder
    • Final Confrontation
  • Extras 
    • Hair & Makeup Tests
    • Lighting & VFX Tests
    • Wide Angle Witness Cam
    • Action Town Hall Steadicam Rehearsal
  • “Downtown” Music Video
  • Trailers
  • Feature Commentary with Director/Co-Writer Edgar Wright, Editor Paul Machliss and Composer Steve Price
  • Feature Commentary with Director/Co-Writer Edgar Wright and Co-Writer Kristy Wilson-Cairns

“Last Night In Soho” is now available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital.

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