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Bonus Features: Extensive extras make ‘Free Guy’ Blu-ray a must have

If you missed out on “Free Guy” in theaters this year, now’s your chance to fix that. The infectiously positive, heartwarming and hysterical video game adventure quickly became one of the biggest surprises of the summer, and for good reason.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Guy, a non-player character in Free City, an open-world video game à la “Grand Theft Auto.” Surrounded by violence and destruction, Guy finds himself wondering if there’s more to life than every-day bank robberies and assaults. But once guy crosses paths with a real-world player, Molotovgirl (Jodie Comer), he quickly finds an answer to his question. Meanwhile in the real world, the player behind Molotovgirl, Millie, begins to investigate the source of Guy’s consciousness and discovers a conspiracy within Soonami Games.

Now “Free Guy” is headed home on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital, and it comes with a true wealth of bonus features. Among them are four featurettes ranging from seven to 15 minutes in length, three deleted or extended scenes, and a gag reel. You can find more on each of those below!

All of the featurettes are incredibly informative, but “Dude vs. Guy” is most the most impressive. As anyone who has seen the film knows, one of it’s most climactic moments occurs when Reynolds’ Guy faces off against a hulking, 6-foot-7 version of himself bursting with muscles. The finish product looks hysterical and shockingly realistic, as Reynolds’ face is placed on bodybuilder Aaron Reed, but getting there wasn’t so easy. This extra chronicles every step in the process, from stunt rehearsals to filming on location, editing, and capturing Reynolds’ face to replace Reed’s. While face replacement like this is not new, doing so to this extent – for this length and with this amount of dialogue and action – is unheard of, and director Shawn Levy and VFX supervisor Swen Gillberg break it all down.

Let’s take a look at everything this home release has to offer!

Special Features on Blu-ray and Digital

  • Dude vs. Guy – Join Ryan Reynolds, director Shawn Levy and the creative and stunt teams as they reveal the innovative process of creating “Free Guy’s” ultimate showdown between Guy and the wildly amped-up, spray-tanned, frosted-tipped version of himself known as Dude.
  • Creating Molotovgirl – Jodie Comer transforms from a brilliant programmer to her fierce avatar in “Free Guy.” Watch as the award-winning action star and filmmakers deconstruct the conceptualization, evolution and execution of bringing Molotovgirl to life.
  • It’s Taika’s World – “Free Guy’s” outrageous action may exist in a virtual world, but Taika Waititi makes the real world just as crazy with the over-the-top Antwan. See him at work in this entertaining showcase of a genuinely talented and hilarious performer.
  • Welcome to Free City – Delve into the reality-skewing universe that is Free City, as revealed by director Shawn Levy, the cast, and its inventive creative teams. Find out how they transformed a real metropolis into a virtual playground where anything is possible.
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes
    • Guy and Buddy Hit the Beach
    • Hot Nuts Gets Blown
    • NPC Rally (Extended)
  • Gag Reel

“Free Guy” releases on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital on October 12, 2021.

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