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Bonus Features: ‘Indiana Jones’ franchise arrives on 4K for 40th anniversary

Grab your fedoras and whips, because it’s time to go on an adventure with Paramount Home Entertainment. As “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark” celebrates its 40th anniversary, Indy’s entire four-movie collection is making its long-awaited 4K Ultra HD debut.

While the “Indiana Jones” franchise is still alive and well, with the fifth film dated to arrive next year from director James Mangold, the release of the prior four installments gives fans the perfect opportunity to brush up on their global archaeology before heading back to theaters.

The new release features both 4K Ultra HD and Digital copies of “Raiders,” “The Temple of Doom,” “The Last Crusade” and “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” It also comes with a collectible booklet with behind-the-scenes photos from each film, as well as a map tracking Indy’s globe-trotting adventures. It’s worth noting that this release does not include Blu-ray copies of the films.

When it comes to deciding whether or not to pick up this home release, it really just depends on whether you’re a big enough “Indiana Jones” to justify the spend, considering the 4K scans themselves are the only new material here. Some fans may have already picked up the set of four back in 2012 when they arrived on Blu-ray, and if that’s the case, don’t expect anything new from the bonus features this time around. The fifth disc in this collection – dedicated entirely to bonus features – is overflowing with featurettes, but they are all previously released content.

Let’s take a look:

On Set with Raiders of the Lost Ark

  • From Jungle to Desert (29:35)
  • From Adventure to Legend (28:17)

Making the Films

  • The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark” 1981 Documentary (57:48)
  • The Making of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” Featurette (50:52)
  • The Making of “The Temple of Doom” Featurette (41:09)
  • The Making of “The Last Crusade” Featurette (35:03)
  • The Making of “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” Featurette (28:49)

Behind the Scenes

  • The Stunts of “Indiana Jones” (10:56)
  • The Sound of “Indiana Jones” (13:21)
  • The Music of “Indiana Jones” (12:22)
  • The Light and Magic of “Indiana Jones” (12:22)
  • Raiders: The Melting Face! (8:12)
  • Indiana Jones and the Creepy Crawlies with optional pop-up trivia (11:46)
  • Travel with Indiana Jones: Locations with optional pop-up trivia (9:58)
  • Indy’s Women: The American Film Institute Tribute (9:15)
  • Indy’s Friends and Enemies (10:10)
  • Iconic Props  from “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” (9:52)
  • The Effects of Indy from “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” (22:34)
  • Adventures in Post Production from “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” (12:36)

The “Indiana Jones” Four-Movie Collection is now available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and Digital.

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