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Bonus Features: Celebrate the 25th anniversary of ‘Mission: Impossible’ with limited-edition Blu-ray

While “Top Gun” may have been responsible for thrusting a young Tom Cruise into the action hero spotlight, “Mission: Impossible” made sure he stayed there, all while taking things to thrilling new heights.

Now, 25 years after the international spy franchise first got its start – and on the cusp of its seventh and eighth films – Paramount Home Entertainment is taking us back to where it all began with a special, limited-edition Blu-ray of the series’ first film.

The newly remastered Blu-ray and Digital combo pack in beautiful, crystal-clear quality reintroduces fans to Cruise’s Ethan Hunt and the 1998 mission that first lit the fuse. Framed for the deaths of his espionage team, Hunt is on the run as he puts his secret agent skills to the test avoiding government assassins, breaking into the CIA, and more, all in an attempt to reveal the truth.

The Collector’s Edition Blu-ray comes loaded with bonus features, however, all of the content has been previously released. Still, for fans of the franchise who don’t feel like searching all over to find it, this disc kindly delivers all of the featurettes in one central location. Plus, it does come with an exclusive Impossible Mission Force car decal that can adorn the vehicles of the most extreme “Mission: Impossible” fans.

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt in “Mission: Impossible.” (Paramount Pictures)

Special Features on Blu-ray Disc + Digital

  • Mission: Remarkable – 40 Years of Creating the Impossible – The first film may have only debuted 25 years ago, but the original “Mission: Impossible” TV show first hit screens back in 1966. That math still doesn’t add up to 2021, but it does once you realize this featurette released with 2006’s “Mission: Impossible III.” The 12-minute extra takes viewers behind the scenes of the franchise’s first three films and explores how Hollywood’s most ambitious films and stunts go from concept to reality.
  • Mission: Explosive Exploits – No one in Hollywood is more committed to stunt work than Tom Cruise – and it shows in this featurette, which explores two of the series’ biggest thrills.
  • Mission: Spies Among Us – What if the IMF really existed? How do we know it doesn’t? Dive into the truth behind international espionage and find out what it takes to become a real-life spy.
  • Mission: Catching the Train – The climactic sequence atop a bullet train set the stage for what was to come in the death-defying stunts of the “M: I” franchise. Find out how director Brian de Palma, Cruise and Co. pulled it off back in the ’90s.
  • Mission: International Spy Museum – In 2002, the International Spy Museum opened in Washington, D.C., and gave the public a behind the scenes look at top secret operations of the world. The museum’s executive director, Peter Earnest, guides viewers through a few exhibits in this featurette.
  • Mission: Agent Dossiers – Dive into the agent profiles for “Mission: Impossible’s” top players.
  • Excellence in Film and Generation: Cruise – Take a look at some of the prestigious honors Cruise has earned throughout his storied film career.
  • Trailer Gallery – Start off with the “Mission: Impossible” teaser, trailer and TV spots, and then work your way through the original trailers for the franchise’s following five films.
  • Photo Gallery

The “Mission: Impossible” 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Blu-ray releases on May 18, 2021.


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