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Bonus Features: ‘The Little Things,’ ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ arrive on Blu-ray

After kicking off Warner Bros.’ 2021 hybrid slate in theaters and on HBO Max, “The Little Things” and “Judas and the Black Messiah” are headed home on Blu-ray May 4.

While “The Little Things” may have faded from the spotlight, “Judas” has been front and center since its February debut as a favorite throughout awards season. The film earned a Best Picture nomination at last month’s Oscars, and Daniel Kaluuya swept the Best Supporting Actor awards for his portrayal of Black Panther Chairman Fred Hampton. Co-stars LaKeith Stanfield and Dominique Fishback also earned nominations throughout awards season, and the film was nominated in several technical categories. Awards love for “The Little Things” stopped and started with Jared Leto’s Golden Globes nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

The two home releases each come with two bonus featurettes a piece, let’s break it all down.

“Judas and the Black Messiah” Special Features

  • “Fred Hampton for the People” – In this nine-minute featurette, Daniel Kaluuya and the cast and crew explore the history of Fred Hampton and his activism, how they came to know his story, and why it’s more important to tell now than ever before. Hampton’s son, Fred Hampton Jr., also discusses his father’s legacy.
  • “Unexpected Betrayal” – LaKeith Stanfield’s William O’Neil could not be more different from Hampton. One is charismatic leader capable of working for the greater good, and the other an opportunist who prioritizes his own interests. This featurette looks at the two contrasting men, and the events that led to O’Neil betraying Hampton, and the Chairman’s tragic slaying.

“The Little Things” Special Features

  • “Four Shades of Blue” – Denzel Washington has long been one of Hollywood’s best performers, and in that time he’s carved out a spot as one of the industry’s most iconic cops. Between “Ricochet,” “Fallen,” “Training Day” and now “The Little Things,” Washington has played honest, hardworking officers, determined detectives, and crooked cops. This nine-minute featurette looks back on Washington’s best performances in law enforcement and explores how they each differ.
  • “A Contrast in Styles” – After watching “The Little Things,” it’s clear that Rami Malek’s Jim Baxter and Washington’s Joe Deacon play by different rules. Hear from the actors themselves how the two detectives learned to work together throughout the film.

“Judas and the Black Messiah” and “The Little Things” debuts on Blu-ray + Digital on May 4.

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