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Bonus Features: ‘Tenet’ brings its mind-boggling story home on 4K

Whether you saw it in theaters or not, there’s no doubt you at least heard about “Tenet” this summer.

From the will-they-won’t-they discourse surrounding it’s release to the dizzying plot of the film itself, there’s nothing straightforward about director Christopher Nolan’s latest epic. Now, “Tenet” is coming home on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and Digital, and you’ll be able to decide for yourself whether or not it’s another Nolan masterpiece or too ambitious for its own good.

Back in September, Inside The Film Room senior writer Johnny Sobczak made the trek across state lines to witness the film in all its IMAX glory, but the small screen will have to do for me and the bonus features.

It’s safe to assume the biggest draw in this home release is the film itself, considering hardly anyone has been able to actually see the movie yet. For the most part, I’m in the same boat as Johnny when it comes to critiquing “Tenet.” The expositional dialogue and breakneck pacing are entirely overwhelming, and it doesn’t help that it’s incredibly hard to hear most conversations – even without IMAX surround sound blaring. That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of shiny things to look at, though. The set pieces, in classic Nolan fashion, are all practical and insanely impressive, providing a number of action-packed refuges from the mind-boggling talk of entropy and inversion.

This may go against everything we’ve ever known about the moviegoing experience – and is certainly impossible in Nolan’s theatrical landscape – but I’m not going to lie. Drowning in an abundance of names, locations and terminology I couldn’t comprehend, I paused the movie at the halfway point, read the plot synopsis on Wikipedia up until that point, then continued forward. I’m not sure whether the film’s third act itself is easier to understand or if it was my plot refresher that made an enormous difference, but things actually started to click in the final hour or so.

While nearly everyone taking home “Tenet” is doing so simply to watch the movie, it does come with at least one special feature. Let’s check it out.

Special Features on 4K UHD + Blu-ray Disc

  • Looking at the World in a New Way: The Making of “Tenet” – An hour-long exploration of the development and production of the film as told by the cast and crew. Dive deep into every aspect of the film – casting, continuity, sets, cinematography, locations, costumes, music and more – in an in-depth look at how the movie was made.

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“Tenet” (4K UHD + Blu-ray + Digital) will release on Dec. 15 for $29.99.

The Nuts and Bolts

4K Ultra HD showcases 4K resolution with High Dynamic Range (HDR) and a wider color spectrum, offering consumers brighter, deeper and more lifelike colors for a home entertainment viewing experience like never before.

For the complete 4K Ultra HD experience with HDR , a 4K Ultra HD TV with HDR, an Ultra HD Blu-ray player and a high-speed HDMI (Category 2) cable are required.

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