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Bonus Features: ‘Bill & Ted Face The Music’ arrives on Blu-ray

Three decades after Bill and Ted first graced the silver screen in 1989’s “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” the duo returned for one final adventure earlier this year. Hampered by delays and the pandemic, the film was still able to hit theaters briefly before heading to paid on-demand services, and now “Bill & Ted Face The Music” has arrived on Blu-ray, DVD and digital.

Back in August we reviewed the film, so this time around we’re here to focus on all of the bonus features that accompany the physical release of “Face The Music.”

While the release boasts five added featurettes, don’t be fooled – the main draw here is the film itself. Of those five bonus features, three were already shared publicly ahead of the film’s August debut, so in reality, the Blu-ray release only has two new additions. What’s even more disappointing is that those two new clips add up to less than two minutes in runtime.

Still, for fans of “Face The Music” or the trilogy as a whole, this will be the perfect piece to complete your collection.

Let’s break down those bonus features:

Special Features on Blu-ray Disc

  • The Official “Bill & Ted Face The Music” Panel at Comic-Con@Home – Back in July the historic pop culture convention was forced to innovate as it shifted to an entirely virtual presentation. Among the panels was a delightful 43-minute discussion between moderator Kevin Smith, “Face The Music’s” main cast, director Dean Parisot and the film’s writers. The group discusses everything from Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter’s original auditions for “Excellent Adventure” to how they went about picking their somewhat successors in the characters’s daughters played by Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine.
  • Be Excellent to Each Other – Go behind the scenes (briefly) as the cast spends a minute and 20 seconds sharing their feelings about reuniting and adding new faces to the team.
  • A Most Triumphant Duo – It’s no secret Reeves and Winter have incredible chemistry, but how was “Face The Music” able to replicate that with Weaving and Lundy-Paine? Find out at warp speed in this one minute and 14 second featurette.
  • Death’s Crib – Fans of William Sadler’s character will love this one as Death shows off his humble abode “MTV Cribs” style. Again, though, at just 71 seconds long, it’s entirely too short.
  • Social Piece (Excellence) – A 47-second social media promo for the film.

Special Features on DVD Disc

  • Be Excellent to Each Other – Go behind the scenes (briefly) as the cast spends a minute and 20 seconds sharing their feelings about reuniting and adding new faces to the team.

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“Bill & Ted Face The Music” will release on Nov. 10 on Blu-ray ($35.99) and DVD ($28.98)

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