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‘The Flash’ reveals concept art of new suit, Michael Keaton’s Batman

Ezra Miller is set to reprise his role as The Flash in 2022. (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures)

This is one of the day’s shorter panels at DC FanDome, but it was loaded with insightful and fun comments from the creative team behind the upcoming film starring Ezra Miller’s The Flash!

The panel included Miller, director Andy Muschietti, producer Barbara Muschietti and screenwriter Christina Hodson. They started with praise for Andy Muschietti’s sensibilities and vision for the film. “He can jump from funny to scary to emotional very fast,” said Hodson, citing his experience directing the “It” films for Warner Bros.

Hodson also discussed some sketches of the Speed Force that Andy had drawn and given to her. “It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.”

Hodson went on to say that she fell in love with the character of The Flash while reading the original Flashpoint comic book. She loved how it combined spectacle, action and fun with an “incredibly personal and intimate story about a boy trying to save his mom.”

The conversation eventually shifted to talk of DC’s famous multiverse, where heroes from different dimensions and universes collide and interact. Earlier this week, Vanity Fair reported that Ben Affleck is returning to the role of Batman, on top of Michael Keaton returning after thirty years to don the cape and cowl again.

Concept art of Ezra Miller’s Flash fighting alongside Michael Keaton’s Batman. (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures)

The panel concluded with an awesome look at concept art of The Flash’s new, sleek suit that will be featured in the film, as well as a big splash of concept art showing The Flash fighting alongside Michael Keaton’s Batman inside his Tim Burton Batcave (seen above).

“The Flash” hits theaters June 2, 2022.

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