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“Game of Thrones” Recap: 54 thoughts I had while watching ‘Winterfell’


Winter is here! After nearly a 20-month hiatus, “Game of Thrones” has returned for its eighth and final season. Check back later this week for my full recap and review, but until then, here are the 54 thoughts I had while watching Season 8, Episode 1.

  • Oh shit this new intro is wild. The Wall is down. We see the Iron Throne. Let’s do this.
  • What a great beginning with the Bran parallels to the series premiere.
  • Jon and Arya!!!!
  • Oh no my heart, he blew her off.
  • The Hound! Gendry! All of Arya’s men are back!!!
  • Arya finally seeing dragons after admiring the skulls in King’s Landing. Knew it was coming but still awesome.
  • Bran: Jon we need to talk.
  • Lyanna with the mean mug at Dany…
  • That hurt Sansa to give up Winterfell.
  • Bran getting down to business lmao.
  • Lyanna with the hard hitting questions. I hate it, but I love it.
  • Why you hating Sansa…?
  • “What do dragons eat?” “Whatever they want” NOT THE WAY TO WIN OVER THE NORTH, DANY.
  • Tyrion and Sansa are about to have some serious couples counseling.
  • “It had it’s moments.” Lol Sansa
  • “I used to think you were so clever.” Sansa just nuked Tyrion.
  • Hahahahaha Bran is so weird. Who is pushing him all over Winterfell!?
  • Jon and Arya reunion. Inject this into my veins.
  • “Have you used it?” “Once or twice.” lol
  • Enter HARRY STRICKLAND, your mom’s attorney.
  • Euron is a SAVAGE lol
  • No elephants is DEFINITELY disappointing. I feel ya, Cersei.
  • Omg Euron… “My heart is nearly broken.”
  • Qyburn over there thinking “Your grace, may I please watch?”
  • I CALLED THAT. QYBURN ALWAYS WATCHING. Somebody let Bronn get his nut!
  • No shot Bronn kills Jaime or Tyrion, that would be too far.
  • Euron got the cheeks!
  • Too bad there’s already a prince in that belly! I think…?
  • Theon to the rescue! Out here like Seal Team Six.
  • Hell yeah Greyjoys!
  • Davos playing matchmaker out here trying to set up the Royal Wedding.
  • Jon out here taking Dany on a hometown date while the Night King is taking over the world smdh.
  • Jon is about to ride a dragon! And it’s Rhaegal, named after his father.
  • Lol what if the Night King just sniped them while they’re on a cute date hahaha.
  • Hahaha Drogon and Rhaegal over there like your dog watching you hook up.
  • So disrespectful… Jon’s about to take Dany in for a cave bang just like Ygritte.
  • Double reunion: The Hound and Gendry
  • That look back from Arya at Gendry! My heart! Omg.
  • Could Arya be drawing blueprints for a weapon to take down the Ice Dragon?
  • Can somebody please be reasonable for once? Like damn, Lord Glover.
  • Sam is so wholesome asking for forgiveness for an overdue library book.
  • My heart is breaking for Sam, wow this hurts.
  • Oh shit it’s about to go down. Parentage reveal.
  • Let ‘em know Sam!
  • This reveal is all happening right in front of Lyanna’s statue in the crypt. It’s beautiful.
  • Oooh Tormund’s bout to die… Or Beric
  • “I’VE ALWAYS HAD BLUE EYES!” Honorable Mention for Quote of the Episode
  • RIP Lord Umber :/
  • The Night King’s swirl symbol looks A LOT like the Targaryen sigil, especially when it’s burning… just saying…
  • Jaime has arrived and he’s gonna be TROUBLE.
  • Not a good episode for Dany…
  • An episode of anticipated reunions that all didn’t go according to plan.
  • Lots of crypt talk to break down.

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