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“Game of Thrones” Recap: 66 Thoughts I had watching ‘Stormborn’

Another Sunday, another night praying to the old gods and the new that your favorite character doesn’t get axed.

Season seven continued with its second episode, ‘Stormborn,’ and had enough action to fill two or three episodes. The end is near, so welcome to the new, accelerated “Game of Thrones.”

If you have not watched season seven, episode two of “Game of Thrones,” turn back now.

And here we go…

  1. I’m totally loving Dany completely dragging Viserys right now.
  2. Lay off of Varys, he’s just trying to help the realm 🙁
  3. Daenerys is so good, we don’t deserve her.
  4. Melisandre looks like she got herself some Botox… must have tightened up that choker.
  5. Yassss Missandei correcting Dany’s High Valyrian
  6. Dany/Snow 2020
  7. Tyrion: “And I’m an excellent judge of character.” True
  9. UGH, Dany, why you gotta say bend the knee and make it sound so harsh.
  10. Look at Davos… such a learned man with his reading and whatnot, proud of you bb.
  11. Ugh… not Randyll Tarly.
  12. A solution, Qyburn? What? Is the Mountain gonna square up with Drogon?
  13. Just kidding, could it be the dragonbinder?
  14. – Lmao at Jaime messing up Dickon’s name.
  15. – Well damn, I bet I can think of a better man than Randyll Tarly.
  16. Ewwww get Jorah some gold bond, ASAP.IMG_2245.JPG
  17. Geez, that’s a big crossbow.
  18. Loving the #GirlPower at this war council.
  19. Ellaria gotta go. Oberyn was the only good thing to ever come out of Dorne.
  20. That look Tyrion gives Dany after she uses the phrase he literally just said to her. lol homies
  21. Yessss finally… attack Casterly Rock, I see you, Tyrion.
  22. Dany’s curls tho… omg. 😍
  23. Greyworm and Missandei ’bout to get it on.
  24. “You are my weakness…” UGH MY HEART. Brb crying my eyes out.
  26. It’s so freaking awkward how they always get undressed and then just stand there taking it all in.
  27. Omg she wants to see him, even his insecurities. My heart is so full 😭 Greyworm better not die off at war. 
  28. Greyworm may not have his junk, but he still knows how to please his woman.
  29. No, Jorah, stop looking at your sword! Don’t do it! Go to Dragonstone with Sam!
  30. I love badass Sam. Take charge, boy!
  31. Man, if he’s already screaming at a pinch they’re definitely about to get found out.
  32. Ewwww Dr. Pimple Popper, wya?
  33. This stuff better not touch precious little Samwell.
  34. HOT PIE!!!!!
  35. Hot Pie: “You’ve been making pies?” Arya: “One or two” OH MY GOD, NO SHE DIDN’T. S/O TO THE FREY PIES.
  36. Yes, Arya headed to the fam reunion! Straight to Winterfell right now plz.
  37. Omg, “You’re pretty,” Hot Pie out here making moves 😂
  38. Please by the old gods and the new let Arya make it to Winterfell. I swear…
  39. Ugh the music… my heart.
  40. Get outta here Littlefinger
  41. Lyanna is like oh Dany, a strong woman, yes I could dig it.
  42. Oh… nevermind.
  43. “Yours.” Sansa went from “No, don’t leave,” to “GTFO” real quick.
  44. Ugh, Ned’s statue 😩
  45. Littlefinger plz GTFO.
  46. Knock his ass out, Jon. PLEASE.
  47. But now Littlefinger is gonna pull a Littlefinger and go screw everything up.
  48. Nymeria Time!
  49. Damn, Nymeria got huge.
  50. Omg my heart… poor Arya 🙁
  51. “That’s not you,” Maisie killed that scene.
  52. At least she ain’t dead tho… 50/50 chance it was about to be snack time.
  53. Lmao Theon is just sitting there like plz not in front of me.
  54. Ellaria about to get a little incest threesome going on?
  55. Uh oh…
  56. Here comes Uncle Euron.
  57. Talk about an entrance… damn that drawbridge is badass.
  58. The gift for Cersei is most definitely Ellaria Sand!!!
  59. Knife to the nuts… yikes.
  60. One sand snake down
  61. Two sand snakes down
  62. Not looking too hot for the Dornish.
  63. Theon… no… not Reek mode 🙁

64. Well there goes the Iron Fleet…
65. #TeamYaraIsAlive
66. Next week: Finally, Dany and Jon! Family reunion/introduction 😍😍😍



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